My story.

My name is Amy + I am a creative problem solver.

Actually I’m a branding expert, graphic designer, website designer and copywriter. But what I really do, is provide many different creative solutions to help you tell your story through branding, words and design.

I work with you to:

  • Discover your unique selling point (USP) so you can target the right customers.
  • Develop the perfect pay off line for your business.
  • Define your brand personality and a brand strategy to give you direction.

I use this info to:

  • Design your logo and all the stationery bits that go along with that.
  • Design a website that compliments your logo and is fully responsive on desktop and mobile.
  • Design social media branding that is meaningful and has impact.

Being a copywriter as well as a designer gives me a unique perspective. I see branding in terms of stories, not just words and pictures. I’m especially good with brand strategy that includes design, copywriting and concept work.